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Akadēmiskā terminu datubāze AkadTerm
Izmantojiet zvaigznīti * vārda daļu meklēšanai (piemēram, dator* vai *pratība)
Jūs meklējāt podcast
Atrasti 2 termini

  1. EN podcast
    LV aplāde
    RU подкаст
    DE Podcast
    FR podcast
    Definīcija: A series of digital-media files that users can subscribe to online, that are sent to their computers and that can then be accessed on demand on the users' reader. The majority of podcasts are available as audio files in MP3 format, syndicated through an RSS (XML) file. Other formats and other types of files, such as video, can also be podcasted.
    Microsoft Terminology 2018. Entry from the Microsoft Language Portal.
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  2. EN podcast
    LV aplāde; aplādes datne; aplādes fails
    FR balado
    © Download IATE, European Union, 2018

  3. EN podcast
    LV podraide; podraidījums; aplāde; aplādes datne; aplādes fails
    prot. Nr. 286 (23.02.2007)
    LZA TK ITTEA protokoli